The Author

My name is Diego Zamboni, and I am the author of Learning CFEngine 3. I am a computer scientist, consultant, programmer, sysadmin and overall geek. I work at CFEngine AS as “Senior Security Advisor”. My role is to advocate the power and usefulness of CFEngine, particularly in the security space. I am very interested in topics related to computer security, virtualization, configuration management and system automation.

During college I founded the first computer security team at UNAM (Mexico’s national university), which would grow to become a much larger organization, before moving to the U.S. to pursue my Ph.D. at Purdue University under the direction of Gene Spafford. Upon finishing my studies, my wife and I decided to go to Switzerland, where I worked as a researcher in computer security at the IBM Zurich Research Lab. After eight years there, we moved back to Mexico in late 2009, where I worked for HP Enterprise Services as a security consultant. I live in Querétaro with my awesome wife and our two beautiful daughters.

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