Book status: released!


I am ecstatic to announce that the book is now officially released! You can get it here: If you purchased the Early Release version, you should automatically be able to download the final version from your "Your products" page at

It's been an incredible ride, and it's an incredible feeling to see it come to this big milestone (I won't say "the end", because I know this book will keep evolving).

There have been so many people who helped me through this process, including my editor (Andy Oram), all the staff at O'Reilly, who have been so professional and helpful, my very competent tech reviewers (Mark Burgess and Jesse Becker), all my colleagues at CFEngine AS, all the readers of intermediate and partial versions of the book, all the people who purchased the Early Release, and of course, my lovely wife and my two beautiful daughters, who were so patient while I worked on "the book". Everyone gave me encouragement, incredible feedback, and tons of guidance and support. Thank you everyone!
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