goes live

I'm happy to announce, the accompanying website for my book Learning CFEngine 3, currently in Early Release from O'Reilly. 

In this website you will find:
  • General information about the book.
  • A discussion forum for any type of questions, feedback or suggestions about the book.
  • Downloadable code examples from the book, plus (over time) many other new examples.
  • List of Errata, and access to the Errata system at O'Reilly.
  • A blog devoted to the book and to CFEngine.
The site is mostly empty at the moment (the blog, the forum and the errata page are live, I encourage you to participate, particularly if you have purchased the Early Release version of the book and want to provide any sort of feedback), but content will grow over time.

Thank you for visiting, and please let me know what you think!

Best regards,
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