Second release of "Learning CFEngine 3"

I am happy to announce that as of today, the second release of "Learning CFEngine 3" is available. If you have purchased the e-book version of the book you can get the new release from the "Your Products" page at (pro tip: set up Dropbox synchronization, and you will always have the latest version with you!). And if you haven't purchased it, now it's an excellent time to do it! You get all the fresh content, and all future releases for free.

These are the main updates in this release:
  • The book has been updated to reflect changes introduced up to CFEngine 3.3.9 (the latest stable release as of this writing), including many features that were previously only available in CFEngine Enterprise, such as guest_environments promises, databases promises, and more.
  • The installation instructions now reflect the availability of binary package repositories for many Linux distributions, as well as the “Free 25” Enterprise packages that allow you to try CFEngine Enterprise for free, for up to 25 machines.
  • Vim fans rejoice! A new Appendix, contributed by Neil H. Watson, provides details on how to use Vim to edit CFEngine policy files.
  • This release fixes all known errata, including many typos, omissions, and other numerous miscellaneous things.
I hope you enjoy this update! And if you have any feedback, please feel free to contact me.
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